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Al-Hersh allows users to purchase grocery items from the mobile application and have them delivered to their doorstep. It offers one of a kind online farmers market for fresh fruits and vegetables. The app also has an online payment feature for the convenience of the users.


Al Hersh Trading is a leading e-commerce grocery store. Al Hersh allows users to shop fresh fruits and vegetables online through their user-friendly website and mobile application. Users can browse through different categories of nutritious fruits and vegetables on the website and mobile application. Al Hersh's mobile application allows users to pay for their grocery items online and have them delivered to their doorstep. With a visually appealing interface, Al Hersh continues to increase its market share as the leading e-store for groceries.

Users can also avail discounts available on the website and the mobile application—one of the many reasons why Al Hersh Trading has become the top choice among users.


Grocery shopping is one of the most common things practiced by almost every individual for their household. In the present digital age, a grocery shopping mobile application would help users to buy their groceries from anywhere.

People go through a lot of hassle when they visit a shopping store for doing their weekly or monthly groceries. A user-friendly mobile application helps people avoid all the trouble that they go through in a mart. Instead, they will be able to order their grocery from the mobile app and have them delivered to their doorstep.


Appgenie was responsible for developing a user-friendly mobile application for iOS and Android platforms. Our team was also responsible for developing a user-friendly website. Appgenie took care of the design, functionality, and all the features required to create a user-friendly mobile app and website. The application flow of Al Hersh Trading comprises an easy-to-use order process and payment process.

The product catalog for the application was beautifully designed to elevate the user experience for consumers. The roadmap outlined by Appgenie for the entire app development design and process ensured that the application was destined for success.

App Development Process

Appgenie's team took the project on board and started working on the wireframes for the mobile application. Once the wireframes were approved by the client, the project was moved into the design phase. After approval, the team moved to the development phase. The app was developed for iOS and Android platforms, and after rigorous testing, it was deployed on the respective app stores.


We make user-friendly designs so that users can easily navigate through the app.


The apps we develop are feature-rich to give users the best possible experience.


Testing is an important part of our development process as it makes the app flawless.


Once testing is finished, we are ready to deploy the app on the app stores.


Following the launch of Al Hersh Trading, the application soared in the top ranks of the respective app stores. The mobile app was endorsed by all the users who posted positive reviews on all available platforms. Al Hersh Trading has facilitated clients to order their groceries online and have them delivered to their doorstep. Al Hersh Trading recorded an increase in:

  • 15% increase in ROI
  • 30% monthly increase in downloads
  • 5%% quarterly increase in its market share
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