Get accurate trip generation and parking rates with the help of Qatar Trip Generation app. You can plan better and improve your decision-making process.

Trip Generation Rates
Calculation Based On Real-Time Data

Appgenie developed Qatar Trip Generation app for the State of Qatar. The app allows users to easily calculate the trip generations and parking fees based on real-time data.


Qatar Trip Generation was developed in response to planning blunders and decision-making issues that occurred because of a lack of information. Trip generation requires proper calculation based on local properties and local data. Improve the decision-making with Qatar Trip Generation and avoid unnecessary costs.

With the help of our app, you can easily figure out the trip generation since the data collected within the app is based on local data. You can effectively plan, design, manage, and review your development projects. Having the luxury of real-time data, you can also make changes based on the information that would be impossible otherwise.


Transportation engineers have relied heavily on foreign trip generation models. As a result, developers and governments have to bear additional burdens due to weak estimations. With accurate trip generation and parking rates, developers can figure out accurate estimates. Without local trip generation data, cultural particularities and local land use in Qatar are ignored which causes severe problems for both parties involved. Estimation of transportation, parking, and travel demands can be easily done through Qatar Trip Generation.

Our client figured out how to solve this problem. An app integrated with real-time data could be a huge stepping stone towards better trip generation and parking rates. The development of this app became crucial since Qatar is a good travel destination for many.


Appgenie understood the problem that the client explained and the idea behind Qatar Trip Generation app. Appgenie developed a user-friendly mobile application for iOS and Android platforms and integrated it with their existing database. Integration allowed professionals to view real-time data and make necessary changes in case of any discrepancy. Planning of development and the decision making process got a huge boost as a result of our app and developers were able to avoid any pitfalls.

A team of developers was assigned who came up with ideas regarding the look and feel, design, logo and name for this application. Our end goal was high user engagement and easy navigation so that the users can perform actions without any problem.

App Development Process

Once the project was confirmed, Appgenie started working on the wireframes for the app. After our client approved the wireframes, then the process of app development started. The first step was to come up with a unique design for the mobile app that could attract users well. After finalizing the design, the development of the app was carried out. The app was developed for iOS and Android platforms and optimized through testing. Finally, after making sure that the app is error-free, we deployed the app on both app stores.


We create a unique and exciting design for the mobile app to attract users.


We develop an app with good features and high functionality.


We test the app for bugs or errors that could affect user experience.


We deploy the app after fixing possible bugs or errors.


Qatar Trip Generation quickly got the attention of users. Most of them were searching for the perfect app that could help with the estimation of trip generation and parking rates. Users who loved our app also shared their positive experiences on app stores. Our main goal was client satisfaction, and we achieved it by delivering a highly user-engaging app with a seamless flow. Here are some of the key stats:

  • 30% increase in ROI
  • 20% monthly increase in downloads
  • 20% quarterly increase in its market share
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