Discovering like-minded individuals who share your musical interests has never been this effortless. Create your profile and get connected online!

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Tune into Love is a mobile application designed for users to connect with others who share similar musical interests. Users can create profiles, showcase their interests, and explore profiles of others. This allows them to engage in conversations with individuals who pique their interest.


Songmatch is a dating app suitable for individuals of all ages. What sets it apart from other dating applications is its unique approach, utilizing users' music preferences to establish connections. The app records users' music preferences and employs them to match the interests of potential partners, facilitating the discovery of individuals who share common musical tastes.

The development of this app presented both challenges and enjoyment, given the specific client requirements and ongoing communication. Ultimately, our developers successfully navigated through all obstacles and delivered the app.


Several dating apps are available in the market, but they often struggle to accurately connect individuals with similar interests. Recognizing this gap, the client aimed to address the issue by introducing innovative ideas to meet the growing demand for connecting people with shared interests.

The client brainstormed various concepts, considering interests such as gaming, movies, music, and more to create meaningful connections. Recognizing the potential, they sought a professional service provider to bring their ideas to fruition. While they had preliminary designs and wireframes outlining the app's flow and appearance, they were in search of an app development company to finalize the project.


Enter Team Appgenie. Following in-depth conversations with various individuals and conducting market research, we concluded that facilitating connections based on a shared interest in music would be the most practical approach. With the interest selected, we proposed the name, and Tune into Love received final approval.

Our initial focus involved structuring the app's flow to ensure user-friendly navigation across all screens. Subsequently, our developers embarked on crafting the app for both iOS and Android platforms. We integrated features strategically to ensure the app's success and garner positive reception from users.

App Development Process

Diverse ideas for the app's flow were generated and, upon approval, transitioned to the design phase. Multiple designs were conceptualized, and upon completion, the development of the app commenced. Following the app's completion, it underwent rigorous evaluation by the quality assessment team to pinpoint and rectify any bugs or errors. Once deemed flawless, the app was delivered to the client and officially launched on app stores.


Our designs are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients.


The development process adheres to the predetermined timeline.


Thorough testing is crucial to ensure the app is free from bugs during this stage.


Upon completion by the development and testing teams, the app is launched on app stores.


Upon the app's launch, it garnered swift downloads and positive reviews. Appgenie's team maintained ongoing communication with the client to promptly address any potential issues within the app. The client expressed satisfaction with our work, appreciating the positive feedback from users. Within a brief timeframe, Tune into Love witnessed notable growth, including:

  • A 15% rise in Return on Investment (ROI)
  • A monthly surge of 40% in downloads
  • A quarterly increase of 15% in market share
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