Calculate the carbon footprint of your devices and work on reducing it. Become carbon-negative with the help of the Sprocket Green app.

Sustainability Every
Step Of The Way

Our carbon emission calculator can help you rethink the usage of devices that hurt the environment. Set the filters to calculate carbon emission for a specified time. Available on Google Play and App Store.


Sprocket Green provides users with the ability to check the carbon print of their devices. This can help users become more aware of the environmental costs of using various devices. This app is a step towards a greener environment with less carbon extensive activities.

Our carbon footprint easily gets ignored in today’s fast-paced world. However, Sprocket Green is here to provide users with the information they need to manage their carbon footprint and become environment friendly. We can help you change your habits and fight global warming and climate change.


Carbon footprint is a serious issue that is rapidly damaging the environment. Our activities and devices cause carbon emission which in turn damages the ozone layer further. The biggest problem we face now revolves around the usage of devices whether it's mobile phones or any other device.

Our client realized the magnitude of this problem and decided to develop an app that can educate users about their impact on the environment. The idea was to develop a digital carbon emission calculation mobile app that allows users to calculate the number of carbon emissions of their devices for a particular time. Our client was in search of an app development company that could address all these requirements and deliver a smooth app.


The client got in touch with Appgenie and explained the idea behind this application. We thoroughly understood the concept and rationale for the application and once the research was done, we started working on the application. We came up with the design, name, and logo for the application that could attract users. The navigation of the application is important and we spared no effort in achieving this.

Appgenie developed Sprocket Green with all requirements in mind. As a further quality addition, we integrated exclusive features such as pieces of literature and donation options to improve user experience. After a thorough quality inspection, we deployed the application on both app stores. We performed regular maintenance in order to avoid any bugs or errors.

App Development Process

Applications go through several steps before they are finalized. Our app development process consists of 4 different steps where applications are refined and correct for a perfect final product. The first step is to finalize a design for applications. The second step is to develop the applications on the agreed designs and other specifications. The third step is to test the developed applications for possible errors or bugs. Finally, we deploy apps.


We finalize the app design after thorough research and brainstorming of ideas.


Application is developed based on the specifications.


We test the app for possible bugs to ensure smooth performance.


We deploy the app after rigorous testing


Appgenie successfully developed the Sprocket Green application with an exciting look. We worked hard to ensure that the app is optimized for the best performance. Positive reviews on Sprocket Green app proved its success. Users explained how the app helped them in becoming environment friendly and being aware of their devices’ carbon emissions. Here are some of the key stats:

  • 25% increase in ROI
  • 30% monthly increase in downloads
  • 15% quarterly increase in its market share
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